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Precision Cutting

So..... what happened to the precision haircut? Did it become extinct? Is it a technique that has no place in the 21st century? Or, is it possible that the precision haircut deserves a new home and resurgence in popularity?

Vidal Sassoon was a pioneer in precision cutting, while Paul Mitchell took precision hair cutting to new levels. Countless others in the beauty industry created incredible and long lasting trends using precision cutting. So how, then, did the precision haircut lose its standing?

Apparently, the story began with a style trend inspired by homeless people wandering the streets outside one of the "ritziest" hair training academies in the world. A few stylists were watching the homeless and critiquing their hair (as if the homeless needed any critical hair advice).

These "visionaries" made bets between each other as to whether they could re-create this "homeless hair" look in such a manner that they could market it as the next best hair fashion trend. This is the tale of how the chopped and overly texturised hair cut was born. Is it true? Who knows? But, whatever the real truth is behind how the "homeless hair" style trend got started, it was the cause of the precision haircuts retreat into relative obscurity.

For those of us who have previously been trained to work in a very precise manner, this new trend was extremely hard to embrace. Why?  Well the problem with this concept is that cuts should be 're-producible'.  If a client likes the style of the last cut and wants it cut like that again, the stylist should be able to replicate the last look. One of the drawbacks of the "homeless hair" trend, is that it is so incredibly disconnected in such a way that it's extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, to follow the same design.

Now, I'm not saying that styles shouldn't change with the times or that avant-garde hair cutting shouldn't be produced. What is required however, is a technique that combines the precision hair cut with any artistic style that involves disjoining, and texturising.

The beauty of this system of cutting is that it establishes a means for style re-creation of virtually any particular haircut.  It creates a rhyme and a reason.... a method to the madness  - which in turn creates a special client stylist relationship. The client is happy and the stylist is happy.

Isn't that the most important aspect of any customer service experience?

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