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Founded in Amsterdam and strictly salon exclusive, KEUNE'S catch cry is "The Art of Hair Design" and we agree that their products really can produce works of art!

Keune Colours

With more than 100 intermixable shades, KEUNE colours allow endless creativity with supreme conditioning, luminous shine and 100% coverage. KEUNE colours bring out the best in people. It's about finding who you really are and celebrating your personality - beautiful bright blondes, full coverage tints and multi dimensional semis. The colours are so unique that they really do have something for everyone. Take a peek at our Gallery for some KEUNE colour inspiration.

Styling Products

KEUNE DESIGN styling products contain DLP2 a double layer protection system to protect against UV rays and free radicals that can damage the hair. The hold and shine factor is indicated on all products ranging from 1-10 (1 being low hold or shine and 10 being maximum hold or shine while specific products have a heat protector for styling with the blow-dryer, curling iron and straightening iron.  KEUNE DESIGN has a styling product for every hair type and every hair problem.

  • ESSENTIALS: Looking for fresh and finished looks? The Design Essentials are the guaranteed top sellers everybody loves! From sleek wet looks to highly stylised hair, Design Essentials are the choice.
  • TEXTURE: The ultimate styling experience! Creating individual personal styles with extraordinary texture. Style, twist, turn and create with complete freedom. More product produces more texture!
  • GLOSS: Adding shine to any type of hair creates a healthy attractive look. Design Gloss products create shine during styling and after.
  • VOLUME: Volume delivered instantly on all hair types. The wide range of volumising products are perfect for naturally curly or straight hair. Design Volume products leave both fine and coarse hair manageable.
  • SLEEK: Smooth straight locks or a perfect bob are attainable with Design Sleek products. Eliminate frizz and straighten curly or wavy hair whenever you choose.
  • FIX: Shape, create and hold styled hair with Keune Design hairsprays. A complete range of highest quality hairsprays to style and finish the desired look.

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