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Do you want long hair... or maybe just thick, luxurious hair? Do you want to change up the colour without damaging it? Have you had a bad hair cut? Does your hair keep snapping or simply just won't grow?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then maybe Hair Extensions are just what you need!

Tape Weft Hair Extensions are the latest development in hair extensions and are considered the most popular method on the market. We prefer to use this method of Hair Extensions as the tape lies flat to the head making them virtually undetectable - ideal if you wear your hair out regularly or in low ponytails. A thin section of the natural hair is picked up and the Tape Weft is applied to either side using double-sided sticky tape, which is already attached to our hair pieces - perfect if you want to extend your fringe, shorter layers or bob, and to fill any gaps where the hair may be thinner. Tape Wefts are also great for volume as the pieces of hair are substantially bigger than the hair used for Micro Beads and Shrinkable Tubes.

If you're ready for a transformation, book your free Consultation with one of the team. During your Consultation we'll cover the following:

  • Discuss and decide what you want to achieve with your Hair Extensions
  • Decide on the colour and length
  • Discuss whether you wish to keep your current colour or change it prior to getting your Hair Extensions
  • Decide on how many - Full head, 3/4 Head or Half Head
  • Answer all your questions regarding after care and maintainance
  • Provide a quote for your new transformation and make an appointment

See you in the chair!

We invite you to join us for a complimentary coffee and consultation and allow us to begin creating a beautiful you...


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